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Reliable Landscaping and Hardscaping services

We provide experienced landscaping and yard maintenance services throughout the Marietta area.

Service backed by 20 years experience
Lawn Maintenance

Cultivating a lush, verdant lawn takes more than time and dedication. It requires well-maintained tools, expertise, and lawn mowing technique that comes with years of experience.

Whether you have a yard that's the envy of the neighborhood or a lawn that needs a little extra love, we know how to get grass to look–and keep looking–its best.

Our reliable lawn maintenance crews will cut, edge, and remove clippings, so your yard always looks pristine–without any time or effort on your part.

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Hardscaping in Atlanta, GA.

Expert tree and grass installation

The crews of KGB Landscaping Solutions take a holistic approach to highlighting the best features of residential properties.

We're experts in selecting and planting species of grass and trees that will thrive in Marietta's climate, plus fence installation and hardscape construction.

We work with our clients to understand their vision for their property and offer guidance and insight informed by over two decades in the industry.

When you entrust your yard to KGB Landscaping Solutions, we'll handle everything from curb to patio to make your property look its best.

Lawn maintenance in Atlanta, GA.

Keeping Marietta's Lawns green

If your lawn is looking lackluster, it may be an issue as simple as proper, timely fertilization. By providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs at the right time, your grass will look healthier and greener for longer.

We customize our fertilization service to the type of grass you have, as well as the environmental conditions of your lawn. That means your grass gets the right formula of nutrients exactly when it needs it.

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Landscaping service in Atlanta, GA.

Skilled hardscaping services

There's nothing like classic masonry hardscaping. We're skilled in a wide variety of materials and techniques to execute hardscaping that matches your vision for your property.

We have decades of experience in building retaining walls, pathways, and patios that show off the best features to maximize curb appeal.

Whether you need advice for new hardscaping features or repairs on existing work, trust our experienced crews to make your landscape look better than ever.

Reach out to share your vision for your yard and get a free quote from KGB Landscaping Solutions.

Hardscaping in Atlanta, GA.

About KGB Landscaping Solutions
Sod Installation

If you're looking for a fast, effective way to add grass to your property, sod installation gives you a lush landscape without waiting for the growing season.

However, sod installation isn't as simple as rolling out turf. For sod to thrive, it requires weeks of preparation for the soil, plus expert installation and upkeep in the critical first weeks, including fertilization and mowing for the first time.

Our skilled landscaping team prepares your property by de-weeding and tilling to ensure the sod will be able to root deeply into your yard. Then, we roll out sod for gorgeous, uniform grass in a single day.

About KGB Landscaping Solutions

Landscaping, hardscaping, and yard maintenance for Marietta homeowners
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